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Flavor Pirate Spicy Delight

The Perfect Blend of Habanero Peppers and Papaya

Caribbean vacation in a bottle
A tropical vacation for my taste buds! I shouldn't be surprised that a papaya based hot sauce tastes like a trip to the Caribbean, but somehow the strength of the flavor surprised me.

Matthew R. Krevat

Delicious and spicy!
Flavor Pirate Spicy Delight has just become my new favorite hot sauce. Packed with a lot of flavor and spice you will love this on tacos, chicken, steak, veggies, or anything else you’re cooking. Love the packaging and quality of ingredients!

Jacob Meyer

This hot sauce breaks the mold
Was looking for a new hot sauce as was getting tired of using the same old spicy sauce over & over. What a great find! It has a nice "zip" and has livened-up our meals...and snacks. I continue to recommend it to my friends and family members who love a great hot sauce.

M and M B